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Pricing & Services

Press Box believes in transparent pricing – pricing online, priced email when checked in, priced email when delivered. No tricks or surprises. Oh, and we also work hard to stay on good terms with Mother Earth by using organic solvents and wet cleaning, biodegradable poly, recycled hangers, and more.


Accepted forms of payment


Dress Shirts
On hanger    $2.10
Folded    $2.60

Dry Cleaning
Sweaters    $6.30
Blouses    $5.75
Hand-Finished Shirt    $5.75
Tie   $5.35
Dry Cleaning Shirt    $5.75
Golf Shirt    $4.55
Pants    $5.75
Skirt    $5.60
Suit Coat/Blazer    $6.35
Dresses    $11.40


Wash & fold laundry
Pay as you go starts at $1.35/lb.
We also have prepaid plans starting at $1.09/lb.
Learn more (must be logged into account to view)

Tide    $0.09/lb
All Free & Clear    $0.05/lb
Woolite Dark    $0.07/lb
Ecos Magnolia andy Lily    $0.05/lb
Oxi-Clean    $0.04/lb
Dryer Sheets    $0.03/lb
Dry on Low    $0.10/lb

*There is a $1.30 upcharge for silk, linen, lined, and beads/sequins items. 



Convenient dry cleaning isn’t very convenient if it isn’t right. We provide Full Service, Quality Dry Cleaning. You can control all of your preferences via your online account or our handy app. Make special requests or indicate a stain. We’ll take care of it.

No starch, starch, on hanger or folded. We proactively replace missing and broken buttons and hand touchup all shirts (learn more about the laundered dress shirt process here - will link a more detailed breakout).

Laundry done just the way you like - pick out your detergents, softeners, and wash and dry temperatures. Fresh and folded.

We offer minor alterations and repairs - more text about alterations. We proactively make minor repairs free of charge. We can also hem pants, let in/out waists, etc.

We take pictures of everything you send us. You can even view these pictures online and make special per item requests.