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Pickup & Delivery

1. registration

Sign-up online at (It’s quick, painless, and secure. We promise!).  Our service PRESS provides home service.  Do not register at for home service. We’ll deliver a welcome packet to your home or office that includes everything you need to get started. We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express. Our registration is conducted on a safe, secure third party-verified encrypted server – protecting your information and simplifying the process at the same time.

2. Pickup

Getting your clothing to PRESS is easy:

For homes – leave your dry cleaning at the location you select. We offer twice a week set scheduled pick-ups or will-call service.

We come by your home twice a week, every week, according to your route schedule (either Monday-Thursday or Tuesday-Friday).  No need to call or email, we’ll be there guaranteed.  Simply leave your bag out and we'll come by to pick it up.  If you don't have anything out, we will not charge you a fee.   

3. delivery & billing

Your clothes will be dropped off on the following delivery day according to your route schedule (pickups and deliveries happen on the same schedule). Billing is done automatically on your credit card at time of delivery. Detailed statements are always available online and are emailed at time of check-in and delivery.  We will text you the moment your order is delivered.